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The Silicon Valley metro area has one of the highest concentrations of immigrants in the US. As of 2013, immigrants comprised about 38 percent of San Jose’s population, while also comprising 27 percent of California’s population and 13 percent for the United States population as a whole. San Jose residents not born in a foreign country are likely to have immigrant relatives; about 60 percent of Santa Clara County residents have at least one immigrant parent, and 43 percent of households are headed up by an immigrant.

Data compiled by The City of San JoseThe Partnership for a New American Economy, San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, and San Jose City College


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Serving the holistic legal
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immigrant communities


The Silicon Valley Pro Bono Immigration Network is committed to building a more accessible and equitable justice system for immigrant populations within Silicon Valley, including the 38% who are recent immigrants.

Recently arrived immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, day laborers, and refugees who left their countries due to persecution and violence, often face increased social challenges when compared to longtime immigrant residents. These challenges include language barriers, fear of deportation, low wages, wage theft, poverty, lack of affordable housing, distrust of institutions, unfamiliarity with the education system, and day-to-day xenophobia.

Immigrant populations, both recent and long-time residents, also face a range of social and legal challenges due to their immigration status. From housing insecurity and lack of work permits to barriers to education, these challenges have a direct legal need component that our Network strives to remedy. Through our work, we aim to provide Silicon Valley's immigrant communities a range of legal services across a variety of immigration subject matters. This includes adjustment of status, naturalization services, DACA renewals, and more. 




20.8% of the entire immigrant population in Santa Clara County are estimated to be eligible for naturalization


Naturalization in Santa Clara County's Immigrant Communities

The need for increased legal services within Silicon Valley is evident from the disparity between the number of Santa Clara County residents that are eligible for naturalization and the number who actually do naturalize. While almost three quarters of Santa Clara County's immigrant population is eligible for naturalization, almost a quarter have not done so. Naturalization offers a plethora of benefits, ranging from increased security from government scrutiny to increased political engagement opportunities. Those who gravitate away from naturalizing, however, attribute it to high fees and an extensive, confusing application process.

Through the Network's collaborative work, we aim to develop new and innovative ways to meet the legal needs of Silicon Valley's most vulnerable immigrant communities in a more accessible way.